Leather Horse Saddles

Nothing beats the enjoyment a good horse ride can give. One of the best ways to enjoy a horse ride is of course using leather horse saddles. In my opinion, leather horse saddles are vital to every horse ride. The joy and comfortless horse ride provides can be fully enjoyed only while riding using saddles. It is recommended to use leather horse saddles because it will last more and will provide a good cushion so that you feel good. If you are sitting on the bare back of the horse you may not feel very comfortable. Especially if you are a first time rider. That is why saddles are recommended while riding on horses.

Leather Horse Saddle

Leather Horse Saddle

Horse riding is mainly done for pleasure purposes but is is not the only purpose. Horse riding is also done for many other uses. In the earlier times horses were used in wars. People used to fight war mounted on horseback. They don’t use saddles then because while getting involved in such excessive movements there is a risk of saddle getting loosened and the rider will fall from the back of the horse. So, saddles were not used in wars.

In pleasure games like polo, saddles are used. They are tied strongly using belly guard girth. But, this is not enough for a polo game. If you have seen a polo game in action, you can see that player require to use their body to play the game. They need to change positions and move forward, backward and sideways to play the game. The belly guard girth is not efficient enough to provide such protection. So, the riders make use of additional protective measures in games like this. This makes sure that they do not fall from the back of the horses.

The main reason why saddles are used is because the back of the horse is very hard. It is not very comfortable for people to ride if they are not experienced in sitting in such hard surfaces. So, saddles provide a good protection and also provide a cushion like experience for the rider. This way, he feels like sitting on a cushion and can enjoy the ride. This will increase the experience of the joy ride. People don’t realize that they are sitting on the back of the horse because they feel like they are sitting on a sofa cushion. Only with the help of saddles can such experiences be created.

To sum up everything, if you are looking for a joy riding experience, don’t forget to saddle up your horse. It will be worth it. On the other hand if you are looking for an adventurous ride, you can ride the horse without saddle. You will have to be an experienced rider to ride the horse without a saddle as there is a risk of getting fell down from the back of the horse. Make sure that you are buckled up and enjoy the ride on the back of your favorite animal.